Hidden City Cafe

145 East 23rd Street

New York, NY 10010

Tel: (212) 979-6161 Fax: (212) 505-2241

Email: vrg1122@yahoo.com

To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that Hidden City Cafe Corp. has two locations, one is at 145 East 23rd Street, NY NY 10010 and the other is at 32 Lexington Avenue, NY NY 10010. Both locations are open to the public. Hidden City Cafe on 23rd Street is the most well known by locals and catering customers, therefore we use that address in all our invoices and most of our suppliers invoices, as well. At the other location DBA “Gramercy Grill” we prepare most of the food that we sell in both locations and the catering. This is something that must customers and locals do not know, since our DBA has a different name. In case you have further questions please call me the above number.

Hidden City Loft is the perfect spot for your event.
at the Loft you will receive gallant services, beautiful
furniture and arrangements whether you’re planning
to host a party or private/corporate meeting. Hidden
City can accommodate up to 70 people seated. With its
paramount location in the flatiron Distric Area and its
Cosmopolitan environment it’s the perfect location for your guest to experience.


Veronica Romero

Catering Director

Hidden City Cafe